I'm the only power round these parts, boy. You gonna find that out soon enough. You gonna find out what survival is all about. Just like a rerun of the Nam. It's Judgement Day for you and all your kind. This is the End, beautiful friend. For we are many...
~ Milton Pike aka the Video Nasty Killer.

Milton T. Pike also known as Video Nasty Killer was a serial killer who served as one of the supporting antagonists in the adventure-horror video game, Shadow Man. He is a member of The Five.


The Video Nasty Killer

Milton was a vietnam soldier who killed a hiker strolling through the woods in Cypress National Preserve. He later killed 2 deputies and escaped from the police for 4 years. He brutally killed 9 women and sent 6 snuff films to the police as a way to taunt them. Milton was arrested by the FBI after a gun battle and sent to the Gardelle County Jail in Texas.


Milton is the first serial killer that Shadow Man has to face in order to stop Legion. Milton was killed by Shadow Man during a gun battle with him.