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MiG MFI Sulejmani

Milosz Sulejmani

Introduced in the PSP videogame Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Milosz Sulejmani is one of the leading antagonists and leader of the renegade Varcolac Squadron. He is noted for exceptional piloting skills. Additionally, Sulejmani only appears to be interested in payment for clearing enemy forces.


Childhood and early years

Little light is shed on Sulejmani's past, other than his admission to Antares that his parents had sold him away as a child soldier. This event had influenced Sulejmani's interest solely in money, in the hopes that he can 'buy back' everything he had lost because of it.

Involvement in the Valahia Crisis

Sulejmani's first participation in the Valahia Crisis was in a training mission above the skies of Midway. He flew aside a newly recruited pilot of Antares Squadron, Antares 1. Aside from speaking to Antares 1 at times, he remained quiet during the mission while the rest of the squadron enthusiastically introduced themselves to the new recruit.

As the mission proceeded, unknown aircraft (belonged to a terrorist group called Valahia) entered the combat zone. Some of the hostiles were quickly shot down, while remaining aircraft proceeded west. Martinez Security later learned that this group of aircraft they encountered belonged to a larger attack force headed to Tokyo, Japan.

The 7th Japanese Self-Defense Division later reported massive damage to Tokyo. It also reported the source of the damage was the Spiridus.

Antares, Rigel and other squadrons were later sortied to Tokyo to repel Valahia attackers. Upon arriving, the Spiridus opened fire its railgun, which tore a massive hole into the Tokyo Bay. In doing this, the Spiridus' heat vents were destroyed, forcing it to retreat. All remaining Valahia forces were also destroyed by Martinez aerial squadrons and Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Croatian Adriatic Sea

During Antares Squadron's attack on Valahia's naval facility, Sulejmani was tasked with keeping Antares 1 at bay with his newly established renegade squadron, Varcolac Squadron. After a dogfight ensued, Varcolac Squadron was forced to retreat.

Serbian Mountains

Following Antares 1 destroyed a enemy radar facility which prevented IUPF from staging an assault on Valahia, Sulejmani and his men face against Antares again, with Sulejmani and his men piloting their new fighters. Antares 1 forced them to retreat again despite Varcolac Squadron's hit-and-run tactics.

Central Asia

Antares 1 headed to Central Asia to secure the Valahia's main headquarters, an old USSR missile silo, where Sulejmani and his men fight against Antares third time. Antares 1 managed to shoot down Sulejmani and his men despite he and his men attempted to shoot down Antares. Antares destroyed the Valahia's headquarters after the nuclear missile's central control center is destroyed by him and the Valahia is removed.

Final Moments and Death

Martinez Security launched Antares Squadron to defend San Francisco from Golden Axe Plan Private Army's final attack on June 22, 2011. The enemy forces not only included warships, but additionally stealth bombers and escort fighters.

Once the city was secured from all Golden Axe Plan forces, Varcolac Squadron appears for a final confrontation with Antares. Sulejmani and his men appeared in their new signature aircraft, GAF-1 Varcolac experimental fighters. Sulejmani reveals during a climatic and emotional battle with Antares 1 of his tragic past, which was being sold as a child soldier, and how he wishes to buy back everything he lost because of this event (the reason of money and compensation being his sole concerns). Varcolac Squadron is shot down by Antares 1. Alone and desperate, Sulejmani faces off in a last stand, only to be shot down and crying out in despair at his final moments of life.

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