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What would you do Joseph, if somebody told you to go f**k yourself? Would you cut one of their eyes out?
~ Milo to Joe Hallenbeck.

Milo is the secondary antagonist in the 1991 film The Last Boy Scout.

He is portrayed by the late Taylor Negron.


Milo is a sadistic killer who serves as the personal henchman to Sheldon Marcone. He helps Marcone in his scheme to assassinate Senator Calvin Baynard, who has the deciding vote to legalise sports gambling, and frame former Secret Service agent Joe Hallenbeck for his murder. Milo kidnaps Joe's daughter Darian and takes her to Marcone at his stadium, while Milo goes to kill Baynard with a sniper rifle during a football game.

Joe arrives at the stadium and rescues Darian from Malcone, then fights Milo on top of the stadium's lighting platform. As the police arrive in helicopters, they shoot Milo repeatedly and he falls off the platform into a helicopter's rotor blades, puréeing him.