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Millionara Vanderbucks is a minor villain from DuckTales, featured in the season 1 finale "Till Nephews Do Us Part". She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


She is a rich woman with whom Scrooge falls in love. Sadly for Scrooge, she only wants to marry him for his money. She has an evil side to her that shows when she plans on sending Webby to boarding school or finishing school and the nephews to military school and firing Mrs. Beakley and Duckworth in an attempt to be completely in charge of Scrooge's money and household.

After Scrooge finds out she only wants to marry him for his money and Goldie shows up to stop their wedding, she tries to marry Glomgold instead. Glomgold's answer to this is to run for his life.

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  • Millionara Vanderbucks is the possible inspiration to Velma Vanderduck, a female business rival of Scrooge's in the the Uncle Scrooge comics. They have similar names and hairstyles and they serve as female duck antagonists to both Scrooge and Glomgold.