The Million Gunman is the 9th assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Million Gunman's appearance is a somewhat tall and skinny old man with gray hair, wearing a gray suit with a bit of red.



Unlike some of the other No More Heroes characters in which some have a backstory, Million Gunman has no backstory. The only thing we know about him is that he's the President of the Santa Destroy Bank. He's also probably one of the richest men in Santa Destroy because instead of using bullets like a regular gunman, he shoots out money.

Boss FightEdit

He and Shinobu fight each other in the Santa Destroy Bank. His main weapon is a golden handgun that shoots out ricocheting coin bullets. When fighting him he tries to dodge Shinobu's blade. In the end of the fight he loses both his arms from the elbow down, asking who she is. Shinobu slices his head off and tells her name and slices Million Gunman's head into pieces.

Gallery Edit


  • Million Gunman is considered by No More Heroes fans to be the most bland and most forgettable assassin so far.
  • Million Gunman is voiced by Paul Eiding who also did the voice of Captain Vladimir.