When I said "Lou", you said "Eze"! Lou!
~ Millie's first line.
Millie Frock

Millie Frock is the main antagonist of Bob's Burgers episodes, "Fort Night" and "The Millie-churian Candidate". She is also an avid fan of Louise Belcher. Millie, to much annoyance of Louise, follows Louise around. Millie trapped the Belcher kids in their fort Halloween night because of Louise's resistance to be her friend.


For some unknown reason, Millie is obsessed with being best friends with Louise, despite Louise's hostility. She typically wears a giant ear-to-ear smile and maintains a very cheerful-yet-creepy attitude. She speaks softly but constantly, rarely letting others get a word in edgewise. When interrupted or pushed too far (typically by Louise), she loses her cheerful disposition and becomes sociopathic while still maintaining her giant grin, stopping at nothing to get her way.

Despite her apparent ignorance to Louise's insults and demands to be left alone, on some level Millie seems to know how her own behavior drives Louise insane. As she keeps pushing Louise's buttons, Louise acts more and more irrational, and Millie uses this to her advantage to get others to pity her over Louise, such as during the class presidential election or when naming the class chinchilla.


Millie has blonde hair with gigantic pigtails, she wears a lilac purple shirt, darker purple shorts, white socks and grey shoes. In Fort Night, she is only seen wearing a rabbit costume for trick or treating.


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