Miller is a villain whom featured in Saint Seiya.

He was a Pallasite servant of Saturn. How he never served Pallas, he never wanted to know about his classification. He is not a human. As a pallasite, has the time control and other powers, depends on hisweapon (glove) and without it, the distortions made by him disappear.

Personality Edit

Miller, unlike the other pallasites, never feigns loyalty to Pallas, because he is a jerk and reckless villain, that only wants to have fun; so, he never accepts join in Pallas army, and only when Pallas offered the Alchemy Glove in exchange of his loyalty, Miller goes to Pallasbelda (because fighting against Pallas enemies with this glove, he can destroy the saints clothes), but explicitly said he is not loyal to Pallas. So, he is a bad boy villain.

Fight against Haruto Edit

After destroying the clothes of silver saints, Miller goes defeat Kouga and his friends (Haruto is in this group). Miller appears with no cloth (ergo, with no class of Pallasite) because he is confident in his glove. So, he made a challenge: He will go away if just one of the 4 saints (Kouga, Subaru, Haruto and Ryuho) hits him. One hit can injure Miller severely with no chronotector, but he is confident. Haruto after a scheme, hits him, but he averts part of the attack and don't die. Henow forgets his challenge and try fighting with all his power against the 4, but Europa says to he wait.

Ikki Edit

Miller goes kill the bronze saints with his chronotector, but Ikki arrives in Pallasbelda and defeat him. He tries to continue to fight, but Europa again appears and say to he wait.

Pallas Castle Edit

Miller goes fight against Shun and Hyoga to Europe gets away.

After, Miller and Europa follow Saturn and wears his trueschrnotectors, but they are coming back to the castle to kill Saori and Pallas; Hyoga with his power, breaks the glove of Miller and his don'tperceive. Hyoga after destroys fully his glove and kill Miller.