is a M'arrillian creature.


He is a semitransparent being with a strong golden glow. At his center rests a large eye, crowned by spikes of mental Energy. Several slim tentacles protrude from beneath this eye, allowing him to manipulate the surrounding world.

Background Information

Milla'iin has belonged to the Oligarchy of the Deep since the Doors of the Deepmines were first sealed. He has become a leading member of the Psikoom and a trusted aide to the oligarch. While the invasion of the land beyond the Doors of the Deepmines was being meticulously planned, there was no doubt that Milla'iin would lead the assault on one of the four footholds. Milla'iin led the assault on the Underworld Lava Pond and manipulated Khybon into initiating its flooding. This ploy left Milla'iin plenty of time to savor th image of Magmon's body cooling and solidifying under the cold water.

Few M'arrillians made as impressive and frightening an impact in the early days of the M'arrillian invasion as Milla'iin. Following the flooding of the Lava Pond, Milla'iin's name and threat spread throughout Perim, striking fear in the hearts of many Creatures. Even Chaotic players witnessed his amazing ability, and several wanted to add the powerful M'arrillian to their decks.

Milla'iin was one of the five chieftans that Aau'ne released when Phelphor opened the doors of the deep mines.

Personality and Behaviour

Appears very intelligent. Has a master plan to flood all of the Underworld. Milla'iin already flooded Lava Pond and has enslaved several underworlders and one Chaotic player (Ethan/Mister E) using his mind powers. Temporaraly paralyzed Tom, Peyton and Kaz at the lava pool. Defeated Najarin in a future event, as seen in Time's Up!

TV Show

Milla'iin was the first M'arrilian brainwash creatures as well as the first to encounter humans in the episode Newbie. After finding out about Chaotic, Milla'iin 'offered' scans of his minions to Mister E in exchange for giving information of his battles. Due to this deal, Milla'iin now knows how to beat Maxxor. He is also daming up large portions of perim and flooded Lava Pool in Newbie. What his ultimate goal is, remains to be seen.