Miles II
Miles Hollingsworth II is an antagonist/anti-hero in the thirteenth and fourteenth season of Degrassi. He is a neutral character in season 13, but in season 14, he becomes the secondary antagonist.

Miles II is the father of Miles III, Frankie and Hunter. He runs for mayor. He is verbally abusive towards his son Miles III and favors Frankie and Hunter. He is also having an affair with his campaign manager, Andrea, which only Mrs. Hollingsworth, Miles III and Drew know about. He was working with Drew before he fired him for hugging his wife (according to Miles, it was confusing for Frankie). Despite his faults, he is a good father who wants the best for his children.

In season 14 premiere episode Smells Like Teen Spirit, he discovers that Miles III is now dating a guy and mocks the idea, causing Miles III to snitch to a reporter to make his father look like a homophobe. Miles II then attempts to buy his son's support by taking him golfing and to lunch, but the press show up and Miles III suspects his father of using him. Things finally come to a head, and the father and son mend their relationship (or so it seemed). In Firestarter (2), he strikes Miles III across the face during a heated argument; unfortunately, this proves to be the final straw (not only for Miles III, but Frankie and Hunter as well), as they finally see their father for who he really is.