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Miles Finch

Full Name
Miles Finch
Mr. Finch, Elf (given by Buddy)
Best-selling writer
Powers / Skills
Writing stories, likes being payed, owning everything money can buy, likes being rich.
None in particular.
Type of Villain
Business Villain, Trash-Talking Villain, Magnificent Bastard

You feelin' strong, my friend?! Call me "elf" one more time!
~ Miles Finch yelling at Buddy.
Nobody bites Miles Finch!
~ Miles Finch, in a deleted scene.

Miles Finch is a minor villain in Elf. He is a short-tempered best-selling writer who hates being called an elf because of his small size.

He is portrayed by Peter Dinklage who also played Simon Bar Sinister, and Captain Gutt.


The well-known bestselling author Miles Finch who is good with the ladies, extremely rich and owns houses with 70 inch plasma screen TVs in Los Angeles, Paris and Vail, arrives at the Greenway Press coporate headquarters within the Empire State Building in New York.

When Miles tells Buddy to call him elf one more time, Buddy whispers, "He's an angry elf." This angers Miles, who charges at Buddy on Walter's table (to which Buddy says, "Look at you!" in amazement) and he attacks Buddy. While Miles was hitting Buddy, he demands that he call him elf again, to which he does and he gets knocked onto the floor by Miles. Then he stormed off in anger, never to be seen again. After that, Walter yelled at a now-upset Buddy to leave and get out of his life.


Miles Finch is quite short-tempered and he despises being called an elf. He is a good writer and is quite brilliant and a natural thinker who, according to Walter's co-workers, writes down in his notebook endless genius ideas.



  • In a deleted scene, after he finished beating up Buddy, Miles says another unforgettable quote, "Nobody bites Miles Finch!" before he left in frustration.
  • Miles is not really evil, just short-tempered, irritable and sensitive about his height.

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