Milena is the villainess of the 2015 Drama, Stolen from Suburbia. She was played by Olivia d'Abo.

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In California, Milena is luring, rounding up, and selling teen females for sex slavery for profit. During this, she sets her sight on Emma, a gorgeous, blonde, and 16 year old daughter of a rich, single mom and heroine, Katherine, and sends her henchmen to lure Emma. Katherine gets angry when Emma refuses to bring Milena's lackies to their house and grounds Emma. Then she runs away and finds one of Milena's henchmen, Adam, who lures and kidnaps her and brings her to Milena and her sex slave bases.

Then Katherine discovers that Emma has been kidnapped and sold into sex slavery and with the help of Victims specialist, Anna, they look for Emma and find out from Adam to ask Milena, where her daughter is. Later as Milena prepares to sell Emma as a sex slave, Katherine and Anna go into the base where her daughter is at. Katherine gets inside and finds Emma and together attempt to escape but are stopped by Milena and her lackies. Milena explains her past that she was a sex slave, who started her own business of selling female teens as sex slaves and that not only is it for money but pleasure as well.

Milena says she plans to sell Emma to brutal criminals, who will rape and abuse her, but is shot and killed by Emma and Milena's henchmen are arrested.