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Mildred F. Fujimura is a minor character and a minor Anti-Heroine in Date A Live franchise and acts as a supporting character in Date A Live IIDate A Live Ars Install and Date A Strike. She is a Deus.Ex.Machina Industries mechanic who is currently working for the Anti Spirit Team in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in Tengu City; she's about or near the same age as Origami Tobiichi which strangely enough, maybe because of that, she is quite attached to her. Mikie is also the type of person who gets weird delusions about other people for her own personal fantasy.


Mildred is a Deus.Ex.Machina mechanic that was moved to the AST in Tengu City. Although she came from a ruthless organization, she is very friendly and a person who can be said to be "normal" in a organization full of Complete Monsters. She is a friend of Origami Tobichii and Mikie Okamine and is a person well known on AST HQ in Tengu. She have the same age as Origami, however, despite acting like a girl who appears to be stupid or pervert, she is considering a genius and is the only person in the AST in Tengu that is able to repair a Realizer.

She is considered the second-class staff and she tries very hard to serve the D.E.M Industries, however, not even she knows she is being manipulated as well as all the other thousands of D.E.M officials who think that they are doing good thngs for the good of humanity. She is one of the people who help in the development of Combat Realizer Units, she looks like a mad scientist with very good intentions, in other words, she is considered a heroine on the wrong side.

Despite her serve D.E.M, not even she knows what the real situation of the D.E.M that is doing horrible atrocities and inhuman acts done by Isaac Ray Peram Westcott. In volume 6, even Mildred be a work of D.E.M, Jessica Bailey hid the fact that she was commanding the DEM Industry Alpha Team of Japan Branch to attack an event with thousands of people just to give a slap in the face of Ratatoskr and Mildred was kept away from any of the D.E.M Operations in Tengu City.

Currently, Mildred continued on AST without knowing what the D.E.M and Isaac Westcott did in Tenguu city.



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