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Milan Stone is Woody's stupid, bratty rich girl sister in the MTV short-lived animated comedy Good Vibes. She is the steriotypical stuck-up arrogant plastic 16 year old girl. Her whole body seems to be plastic-ish, for instance she implanted fake large boobs. She stars in fictional MTV show 16 & Bitchy and 1000 Reasons To Not Have Children. He seems as an ultimate parody of manipulative rich kids. She usually doesnt even wear a shirt and just wears a bra. Some similar real life citizens include Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton, who are also parodied in this show. Her parents, who are also socialite, spoil her constantly. Woody, however, is not, which shows why he sleeps in a tent outside his mansion.


She is plastic from head to toe and fakingishly pretty. Her hair is naturally blonde, while her eyes are brown. He usually wears leggings and high-heels at her lower-body.

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