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Mikoláš kozlík

Mikoláš Kozlík

Mikoláš Kozlík is the main protagonist and antihero of the less-known and less popoular film "Markéta Lazarová". He is a son of Kozlík and a robber knight. He is a brave fighter who kidnapps Markéta lazarová from the rival clan led by her father. He eventually falls in love with her.

He was portrayed by František Velecký in the film.

Role in film

He is first seen as he leads an attack on a Caravan that belong s to a Saxon aristocrat. Mikoláš and his men capture aristocrat's son Kristián and his assistant while the aristocrat escapes. Mikoláš then meets on the ambush site a group of scavengers led by Lazar, the leader of a rival clan. Mikoláš wants to kill him but changes his mind when he sees him as he prays to Christ to forgive Mikoláš.

Mikoláš returns withhis prisoners to Roháček Castle where the clan led by his father Kozlík is housed. Kozlík is angry that Mikoláš didn't kill Kristián and the assistant. He becomes more angry when finds out that the aristocrat ran away and that Mikoláš captured Lazar but let him go. It is then revealed that the king sent army against Roháček and Kozlík decides to make an Alliance with Lazar.

Mikoláš is sent to Lazar to make an alliance. Mikoláš thinks that Lazar will agree because he spared him but ends up brutally beaten by Lazar's men and barely escapes. Mikoláš then attacks with a group of men Lazar's village. They kill Lazar's son, kidnap Lazar's daughter Markéta and nail Lazar on the village door.

Mikoláš then rapes Markéta but protects he against his father who wants to torture her. Mikoláš is then chained to a tree together with Markéta, Kristián and Alexandra (Mikoláš's daughter who started an affair with Kristián).

Mikoláš is later unchained so he can participate in a defense of Roháček against Royal army. Roháček is conquered and Kozlík is kidnapped. Mikoláš escapes to swamps where he meets women from Roháček who were sent there. He reunites with Markéta who loves him. He decides that she should return to her father and mounts an attempt to free his father from castle dungeon. Mikoláš is badly injured and captured.

The Captain of Royal army later marries dying Mikoláš with Markéta and soldiers then take Mikoláš with Kozlík to their execution. Markéta later gives birth to Mikoláš's son.

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