Eighteen hours from now, America will be a different place.
~ Mikhail Rostov

Mikhail Rostov is the main antagonist in the 1985 film Invasion U.S.A..

He is portrayed by the late Richard Lynch who also played Franklin Harris in Bad Dreams.

Rostov is the leader of a group of communist Latin American guerillas, and the culprit behind several terrorist attacks in Miami. Rostov disguises himself as the captain of a U.S. Coast Guard boat and pretends to welcome a group of Cuban refugees into the United States, only to have his guerillas gun them down and steal several bags of cocaine hidden within their boat. Rostov sells these to a drug dealer in exchange for weapons, which he then uses to try and assassinate former CIA agent Matt Hunter (one of Rostov's greatest enemies). Hunter survives and is forced to rejoin the CIA to try and help take down Rostov and his men.

Rostov later leads his guerillas to a shopping mall where many people are doing their Christmas shopping, and attacks them. However, the guerillas are tracked by Hunter who successfully foils their attempts to bomb a church as well as destroy a school bus full of children. Hunter is taken in by the FBI and delivered to their command centre, where Hunter appears to Rostov on national television and goads him to come to the command centre and kill him. Rostov sends his guerillas to attack the command centre, unaware that there is nobody there and that it's actually a trap. The command centre is soon surrounded by the National Guard as Rostov sneaks through the building trying to kill Hunter with a bazooka. However, Hunter eventually gains the upper hand and blasts Rostov through a window with a rocket launcher, blowing him to pieces.