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No half measures
~ Mike
Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut is a character who appeared in Breaking Bad and it's 2015 spinoff/prequel, Better Call Saul. He was the primary mechanic, fixer and enforcer in Gus Fring's minimally staffed crystal meth operation. He becomes the secondary antagonist of Season 4 and the main antagonist of the first half of Season 5.

He was portrayed by Jonathan Banks.

Also an associate of Saul Goodman, he had served Saul as a private investigator and fixer, a go-to guy for sticky situations.

As a former beat cop and true professional, he maintained an extensive, up-to-date knowledge of forensic evidence, surveillance equipment, and police procedure. Mike was also well trained and cool in all types of combat situations, once using science and long strategy to take down a large number of hostiles sans fuss. He was also a family man, so he could anticipate how Walter might act when confronted or emotional.

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