Powerpuff Girls? Hey, let me tell you something, Perez. Those girls are lousy good for nothings.
~ Mike Brikowski telling Perez about the Powerpuff Girls.

Officer Michael "Mike" Brikowski is the main antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls episode "Cop Out". He is the worst, laziest officer in Townsville, who never does his work or helps his fellow police officers out as he lets his fellow police officers do all of the hard work, while he just lazes around eating doughnuts and sleeps on the job and always stop at each donut shop. Despite his laziness, he believes he is due for a promotion and the Powerpuff Girls keep him from it. When he is called to the chief's office, he believes he is finally going to get his promotion but instead, he is fired for making no work effort and sleeping on the job by his boss, the chief who forces him to hand over his badge, sunglasses, and doughnut, but allows him to keep his gun as a souvenir. Because of this, he blames the Powerpuff Girls, since they're the ones saving the day and "making the police look bad."

Later, he tricks the Mayor into calling the Powerpuff Girls, and when they arrive, Brikowski tricks them into entering a place with confiscated super-weapons.  He uses a gas gun to put the Girls to sleep and threatens to drop them into a vat of acid, crossing the Moral Event Horizon for making the police look bad, but Blossom says that's not true. He is then arrested by the other police, including the Chief and his old partner, Perez. Perez tries to stop the crane, but he fails and the Girls are doused in the acid. Luckily, the Girls survive due to their super-powers. As he is being taken to jail, Brikowski claims he's a good cop gone bad, though Blossom points out that he's a bad cop gone worse, much to the narrator's amusement, who tells him he won't get any donuts while serving time in prison.


  • It is hinted that Brickowski also steals from police evidence, since almost all the things in his apartment have evidence tags on them.