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I can't take this shit anymore.
~ Mike after reaching his breaking point

Mike is a former protagonist in season two of the Walking Dead Game. Out of fear of Kenny and what he might do when he snaps, and concern for his own and Arvo's safety, Mike ended up betraying the main group of characters. His turning traitor has led him to be hated by many fans of the Walking Dead Game and characters within the game such as Kenny and Clementine. In the PS3 Version of No Going Back he could be killed by Clementine in a single shot, however this was patched out and isn't considered canon.


Mike was shown to be a very kind, honorable, strong, and a comic relief to the group in Episode three and four of the Walking Dead Game, but after Luke's death, Kenny beating Arvo nearly to death, and the group fighting all the time, Mike shown his true colors as a Judas to the group he once sided with. When Mike reached his breaking point he betrayed Clementine, Kenny, the baby, and Jane, by attempting to steal the truck which was the only hope they had for survival, took all of the food and medical supplies, and was willing to leave his former friends to die without any hope for survival.


  • Mike has a chunk missing out of his left ear and a scar on his face. It is unclear why this may be, but it is possible it is from that of a bullet narrowly avoiding his head or the left overs of a slash from a sharp object such as a knife.
  • Mike is shown to be strong when Clementine can't lift one tub of water, Mike offers and carries two all the way back to Parker's Run without feeling at all tired.
  • Mike's most used weapon is a sledgehammer.
  • Mike has shown many similarities to Vernon such as betraying the main protagonist, having sympathy for the weak and sick, and he stole the last hope the group had in Mike case a working Truck, While in Vernon's case a working boat. Vernon stealing the boat was successful, while Mike stealing the truck wasn't, as he Arvo and Bonnie if she still alive fled from Jane and Kenny.


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