Miharu Shimizu is an antagonist in the manga "Baka and Test" and the main antagonist in the anime series. She is an orange-haired girl in Class D that holds an extreme lesbian attraction to Minami Shimada.

In Baka and Test Summon the Beasts

In season one, Miharu often encountered Minami Shimada excitedly. She would bully Akihisa Yoshii, due to her hatred over men. At one point, she chased him down just as he was about to take one bite out of Mizuki and Minami's crepes.

In the Second Season, Miharu attempted and threatened to blackmail Akihisa, Yuji, and Kota with bad photos. During that 3-part episode, they suspected that it was someone with a special hidden scar. This causes them to burst through the girl's room a few times. Eventually, Miharu revealed herself to the boys that she was the culprit and then got knocked out by Yuji. In the series finale, she acted more "goblin-like" during the haunted house challenge, but was not the main villain at that time. In the end, she was seen running with everyone else.


Miharu has a quite cute appearance. Her hair is pumpkin orange and twirled into ringlet pigtails, tied up with black X-like bows. Her eyes are topaz, and she seems to be of average height.


  • She was voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in Japanese and English dubbed by Kristi Kang.
  • Her given name Miharu means "Beautiful Spring" while her surname Shimizu mean "Pure Water". Yet, Miharu is actually a beautiful girl, but filled with dark and negative traits.


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