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Miguel "Magic" Escobar is the main antagonist of the 2015 sports drama film Southpaw, he is a boxer and his brother is responsible for murdering Maureen Hope.


When Billy Hope decided to return as a boxer for the sake of his wife Maureen who worried about his injuries on the body after the brutal fight style between Darius Jones and him which earning him Middleweight title, Magic would claim that Billy never hit like a man. Magic had a brother and sister in law who is a drug addict attended to a fundraiser ball where Miguel and his brother taunted Billy and Maureen who tried to prevent him to get him to fight, the fight between them ended in tragedy when Hector shot Maureen to death and Miguel become horrified and ran away from the scene. Maureen's death left Billy abusing the drugs and searched Hector thus losing his daughter Leila to custody but he got help from manger and fomrer boxer is now his trainer to revolved, at the end of the film. Escobar and Hope fight each other with Escobar gaining the upper hand, however, in the final round, Escobar gets knocked down by a left huge uppercut which renders him unconscious for a couple of seconds, but he manages to get back up before the bell rings. Billy is declared the winner by split decision and declared the new Middleweight champion.

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