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Kukkukku... Now... Are you coming Old Man... ?
~ Midora speaking to someone

Midora (ミドラ) is the ringleader to a criminal organization baring the name, Bishokukai; oftenly vociferated as "Boss" by the majority of its members. Midora in the past was apprenticed to the legendary bishoku-ya, Acacia as the third disciple preceded only by the IGO president, Ichiryuu (first) and the "Knocking Master" Jirou (second). He is relentlessly directing his organization to hunt down the near apocryphal ingredient known as "GOD."





Century Soup Arc

Meteor Garlic Arc

Preparation for the Hunt

Midora is later shown in his Bishokukai Headquarters stationed in the Gourmet World gorging on food with a mountain of bones accumulated behind him as he adds to the collection; anticipating the upcoming war against the 0th Biotope. Finishing, he turns to ask if the "Old Man" was coming, signifying that he had completed his training and was now ready for battle.

Powers and Abilities

Major Battles


  • Midora's name contains the Japanese character for "three" or a homonym of "three" (Mī), referencing his status as the third disciple of Acacia. His name also contains the character for "Dora", which means "tiger", so his name means "third tiger". Jirou and Ichiryuu have similar patterns to their names.
    • His relationship with Ichiryuu appears to be similar to the dragon and tiger appearing as equal rivals representing matter and spirit.
  • References to the number three can also be seen in the three points of Midora's beard and the three scars under each of his eyes.
  • Midora shares the same unique laugh as Zebra (i.e. Kukkukku).

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