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Midler is a villainess from the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders.


Having being hired by Dio Brando to assassinate Jotaro Kujo and his group, Midler uses her Stand, High Priestess, to attack the group while the are crossing the Red Sea by submarine. When the submarine gets closer to the African coast, High Priestess invades the submarine by making a hole on the exterior. Once inside, it disguises itself as a coffee cup, slicing Joseph's mechanical hand and knocking him unconscious. The heroes attempt to fight it, but it just melds with the submarine and sneakily attacks, transforming into razor blades when Jotaro grabs it, forcing them to retreat as the submarine starts to sink.

The group puts on scuba gear to flee the sub, but High Priestess had already melded with the one Polnareff was using, taking the opportunity to enter his mouth, though both Joseph and Kakyoin save him with their stands. High Priestess then turns into an harpoon, though the heroes manage to evade the attack and escape the sub. However, High Priestess melds with the minerals on the ocean floor, turning into a gigantic face which chomps all heroes at once. At this point Midler talks through the stand, revealing she's on the coast and that she really doesn't want to kill Jotaro, since he is her type, so the heroes attempt to flirt with her, but she quickly calls them out of it and attacks Jotaro with her tongue, send him near the stand's teeth, where she attempts to crush Jotaro. However, Jotaro uses his stand to punch High Priestess's teeth, allowing everyone to escape.

As the heroes finally reach the African coast, they notice a woman unconscious on the beach, which Avdol identifies as Midler. Polnareff checks on her, telling all of her teeth had been broken.



High Priestess

Midler's stand, High Priestess, appears as a face with tiny hand, which she can control remotely. It is capable of fusing with any mineral (metals, plastic, etc), and reshape itself into any object made of such minerals.


In the manga, Midler only appears in two panels as a regular woman, and her face is never shown. When Capcom was working on the Arcade fighting game, they commissioned the author Hirohiko Araki to create a design for Midler to be used in the game. Araki then recreated the character, tracing it over the design of Yukako Yamagishi and giving her a belly dancer attire.

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