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Midget was the foul-mouthed, disrespectful, obnoxious, unpleasant car thieve in the 1995 film New Jersey Drive.

He was portrayed by Gabriel Casseus.

He brutally resists cops (not that some of the cops in the movie are any better) and enjoys stealing cars. He is an obnoxious loud-mouth who likes to rob cars and enjoys it. He is an angry man too. He also is a vicious sadist. In one scene, they rob a police car, and he pulls over a group of white kids, pretending to be a cop. He ruthlessly enjoys it too. He also seems to be an angry guy who enjoys watching other people's dramas, like when Jason's mom smacks him in the face for talking back. Despite his villainries, he does love his pal, Jason, and even tries to dissuade him from the negativity. He is a bit less evil than Ritchie.

However, his stupidity often provides comic relief, so in a way he is a comedic villain too.

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