Ocean Hunter Midgardsorm

Midgardsorm (Lumbricus terrestris gigantesque) is a giant underwater earthworm that caused in a massive disappearance of ships. Despite its scientific name, this specie is one of the types that do not exist.

He is the sixth boss in The Ocean Hunter.


Midgardsorm Poster

According to the "Wanted" poster, this serpent/earthworm hybrid was known for swallowing over a thousand ships. One would be rewarded 18,000 G for capturing this sea monster.


This giant monster is encountered after defeating Basilosaurus. After the "Wanted" poster is shown in the game, the player will find himself inside the monster's body filled with lots of parasites.

Midgardsorm's Heart

The heart

The only way to kill this monster is to destroy the heart (according to the diver who is assisting the player). Upon reaching the heart, the boss music is played. When the battle starts, the heart must be shot to deal damage. Several parasites will appear to attack the player. The parasites must be shot during the boss fight.

Once the heart starts beating fast, more parasites will appear. The battle gets harder, as you must kill more parasites aside from damaging the heart. After dealing enough damage to the heart, the heart will explode. This results in the monster being killed.

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