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Mictlān Is the hidden true main antagonist in mexican film La leyenda de las momias de Guanajuato (Revealed in most part of the movie ,along with the other main human villain named Rousseau). Is the god of death in Aztec culture , depicted as a giant statue in which there is a pond filled with treasures and responsible for raising the Mummies of Guanajuato.


Rousseau by ordering that all their workers and miners withdrew from the excavation, alone would find the cave in which the statue of the god of death lies, placing in each hand a jewel of red and blue which represent the life and death, right in front puts the corpse of his dead fiancee several years ago, not knowing that things would get worse when one would interfere miners in the ritual, desecrating the treasures that were in the pond, causing it out liquidated by the same god and release the spell to awaken the dead from their graves, all of them were known as The Mummies of Guanajuato. Rousseau again take up the matter wing forcing tackles Leo San Juan to offer as a sacrifice because it was the key to the resurrection of his beloved , Leo when placed in position in the luminescent left column hand, the spell would finally result and Rousseau to note that the body of his wife come to life this flatly refused to participate in something as inhumane as it was to sacrifice Leo endanger thousands of lives, after that the girl again choose to return to their eternal rest in exchange for restore life to Leo and thereby ending all the chaos in the city, Rousseau mad with impotence, in an act of desperation went to the pond making his undoing, as was pulverized by energy rays from the god Mictlan.


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