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(Savage She Hulk#16) - Very little is known about the person later to be called Microwave. He attended a Los Angeles city assembly debate on a microwave emitter tower in a residential area that was being linked to health issues in the residents. Supporting the pro-microwave commission, he observed the demonstration of the mobile microwave battlesuit powered by this tower and saw it as a way to do away with Jennifer Walters, the attorney requesting the tower's removal.

Stealing the armor, he secretly bombarded Walters and her then boyfriend, Richard Rory, with low-level microwaves for hours until she spotted his shadow outside her house. As the She-Hulk, she attacked Microwave as he continued bombarding her with microwaves, but she ripped the battlesuit off him. He also admitted to having boosted the tower's output as the She Hulk departed and ripped the tower down.

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