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Microsol is the villainous organization from Tyrian. It is a powerful mega corporation intent on monopolizing the energy resources of the Tyrian Sector, thus giving them control over the entire sector, while eliminating anyone who interferes with them.


Intially tasked with the terraformation in the recently discovered planet Tyrian, Microsol discovered the existence of Gravitium, a rare ore capable of controlling gravity which would allow them to build incredibly fast warships to take over the whole universe. They immedialy decide to eliminate everyone who knows about the existence of Gravitum, starting with Buce Quesilac, a former employee of Microsol and the best friend of Trent Hawkins. Trent, who was also working in the terraformation, is forced to flee from Tyrian, as Microsol's fleet started chasing him in order to kill him.

Trent allies himself with Gencore Tech Alliance, the only major competitor of Microsol, which helps him in his fight against Microsol. After a hard struggle, Trent and Gencore manage to thwart Microsol's plan, but the war was not over yet. Microsol moves it's focus to planet Ixmucane, home of the extinct Zica race, planing on turning the planet into a sun, while at the same time killing all of the scientists of the sector. Not only this would give Microsol a vast energy resource, they would also monopolize the scientific knowledge for a long time.

Trent once again foils their plans, so they decide to use their remaining resources to destroy Trent and Gencore once and for all. Microsol is finally defeated for good after this.

Known Operatives


  • The short fifth episode of the game shows Microsol was actually a front for the Order of Zinglon, though Episode 5 is possibly not canon, due to contradicting most of the game's stated facts and the game's ending in Episode 4.
  • The name Microsol is an obvious reference to Microsoft.