Mickey the Weasel

Mickey the weasel is a supporting antagonist of Hey Arnold. He 5th grade student who seems to do Wolfgang's bidding. Mickey calls himself "The Weasel", because he is deceiving and treacherous.

He is voiced by Marty York.


Micky is boy wearing a grey hooded jacket, black pants and white and blue shoes. He also has some black hair shown through his hood and has a unibrow.


Mickey greeted Arnold and Gerald and offered to help them avoid being put in the trash. At a cost, Arnold gives him a yo-yo and dog toy and Mickey hides them and taken them to another location. But instead leads them straight to Wolfgang and Arnold and Gerald realized that Mickey is deceiving them. It is here we learn that his nickname is "The Weasel".

In the episode "Chocolate Boy", he follows Chocolate Boy to ensure the deal with Wolfgang is not broken.

His last appearance is in "Gerald's Game", where he is one of the players and Gerald's subjects.

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