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Don't think that's gonna stop me
~ Mickey Auton when the Doctor decapitates him

Mickey Auton is a Auton replicant of Mickey Smith, Mickey Auton was created to go with Rose Tyler and find out more information at the Ninth Doctor.


When Mickey was waiting for Rose Tyler to came back in the car, Mickey saw a plastic garbage bin move and went to see if someone was in it. Mickey look inside the bin, but there was no one inside it, Where Mickey close the bin, his hands were stuck on the bin and the bin came to life and swallowed Mickey and Mickey was taken to the Nestene Consciousness's lair.

Then Mickey Auton was sent out by the Nestene instead, and he went into Mickey's car and wait for Rose Tyler to come back, When Rose Tyler came back in the car, she tell Mickey Auton to go out for pizza and Mickey Auton took Rose Tyler to a place for pizza. Rose Tyler was unaware that Mickey was plastic.

Over an awkward dinner where Mickey's clone tried to seduce Rose as he believed the real Mickey would have done, unaware he was being corny, (as he kept calling Rose "sugar") this confused Rose and made her think something was odd. When a waiter began harassing the pair about a champagne order, Auton Mickey got furious and he angrily said they didn't want champagne - only to find out the waiter was actually the Doctor! Delighted, the Auton attacked the Doctor, who realized this wasn't the real Mickey and decapitated him, to Rose's initial horror, however, in full view of the restaurant, the decapitated Auton head said that he was never going to stop attacking. Everyone got evacuated by Rose before the Doctor took the Auton Mickey's head back to his TARDIS and he found out it was an Auton replica.

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