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Shit, man, I'm a natural born killer.
~ Mickey
You know what I say? I say... to hell with going back to our cells. Let's go out there, and run down the stairs, and go out in a hail of bullets. And then we'll die! And then we'll really be free.
~ Mallory

Mickey and Mallory are the title characters in the 1994 movie, Natural Born Killers.

They are played by Woody Harrelson who played Tobias Beckett and Juliette Lewis.



As a child, Mickey was abused by both his parents and witnessed his father commit suicide when he was ten. Mickey is shown throughout the movie as an efficient killer, with knowledge of firearms and knife throwing. It is also shown that he knows how to kill with his bare hands such as the time in prison when he demonstrates killing a man by breaking his neck during a yoga session. Mickey is based on the infamous real-life spree killer known as Charles Starkweather and named after the actor of the same name who was known for being part of the Hollywood Blacklist.


As a child, Mallory suffered physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her father (played by the late Rodney Dangerfield). With Mickey's help, they kill them both of her parents Mallory backs off Mickey, before he's about to kill her brother and tells her brother he's finally free now. Mallory devotes herself to Mickey, stating he is her one true love. Mallory often tells stories and fantasies about her and Mickey living in paradise, to which Mickey often responds, "That is poetry." Of the two, Mallory seems to be the more aggressive, showing signs of being an uncontrolled psychopath with zero empathy for the people she kills. One example is when she and Mickey kill their last victim, Wayne Gale (Robert Downey, Jr.). Mallory continues shooting Gale repeatedly after he is dead.

Killing Spree

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Mickey And Mallory killing Wayne

They kill a group of rednecks at a roadside cafe and think back to when they first met. They continue their killings, taking in about 53 victims. Mickey is ashamed when he unintentionally kills an Indian who took them in for the night due to a night terror he was having.

They're eventually caught and imprisoned. Warden McClusky plans to have them both killed by having Scagnetti be their driver and making it look like they tried to escape. Meanwhile, Mickey is interviewed by Australian newsreporter Wayne Gale, while Scagnetti tries to seduce Mallory.

A huge riot follows and Mickey manages to overpower a cop and take his gun. He then heads to Mallory's cell. He shoots Scagnetti and together they exit the prison, leaving Warden McClusky at the mercy of the inmates. They then decide to kill Gale, because of what he represents. At the end of the film, it is assumed they begin a new life, eventually starting a family and settling down.