You don't scare me, freak. Underneath all that hair, you're still a dork, Scott. I've handled your kind before. Your mama used to steal chickens out of the backyard until I blew her head off with a shotgun. Right, Scott?
~ Mick to Scott

Mick McAllister is a member of The Dragons basketball team, Pamela Wells's ex-boyfriend, the rival of Scott Howard and the main antagonist of the 1985 film Teen Wolf and a character in it's 1986 animated series.

He is played by Mark Arnold in the film and Craig Sheffer in the series.

Teen Wolf

Mick is 21-years-old and is still attending high school due to a prison sentence. He is a member of the Dragons basketball winning team and dating Pamela Wells who is Scott Howard's crush, a member of the Dragons rival team The Beavers. He is an arrogant and egotistical Jock who likes to bully Scott Howard.

After learning of Pamela's one night stand with Scott (who had recently inherited his family's werewolf gene), Mick confronts him at a bowling alley and says that he has dealt with Scott's kind before having apparently shot off the head of Scott's late mother for stealing chickens from his backyard. During a confrontation at a school dance, Scott changes into The Wolf and claws Mick.

Mick later appears at the championship basketball game where he constantly fouls Scott and ends up being benched, giving Scott two free shoots. Scott gets both baskets and wins the game and celebrate with his now girlfriend Boof and his father Harold after rejecting Pamela who in turn rejects Mick. He was humilated and defeated by Scott Howard for good.

Teen Wolf (animated series)

Mick appears in the 1986 series. Unlike the film, Mick is 18 instead of 21 and attends the same school as Scott instead of a different school in the film.



  • Mick seems to be the inspiration for Jackson Whittemore from the live action Teen Wolf series as both take part in sports (Basketball and Lacrosse) and both act as rivals to the protagonist (Scott Howard and Scott McCall). However whilst Mick and Scott Howard were on different teams, Jackson and Scott McCall are on the same lacrosse team.