TheSmilodon Dopant also known by his true identity Mick is the pet of the Sonozaki Family, namely Ryubee Sonozaki. Unlike the other members of the family, Mick is more of a neutral character and only acts on Ryubee's orders, and goes into the ownership of the Narumi Detective Agency after Ryubee's death.

Mick (Smilodon Dopant)

Smilodon Dopant

Dopant Forms

Mick transforms into the humanoid Smilodon Dopant. The Dopant can discharge electricity and move fast enough to evade the homing shots of Kamen Rider Double LunaTrigger and outmaneuver Kamen Rider Accel Trial.


  • Mick is the first Kamen Rider monster to have been an animal. All previous monsters and villains were either humans turned into monsters, or were already monsters.
  • Mick is at least 12 years old since he was given to Raito at three.