Michelle Walker was a minor antagonist in Supernatural in the season seven episode Meet the New Boss, played by Elizabeth McLaughlin. She was a corrupt, yet beautiful, senator in the United States government who was running for another office. Michelle was very greedy and corrupt and was causing poverty across America despite herself being a Christian.

Unfortunately for her, Castiel had managed to suck out all the souls of monsters inside Purgatory, and had said he was the new God. He set out to sort out crime, and blasphemies, and unfortunately Michelle was first on his list.

Castiel stepped into her office just as Michelle was resplendent in her beauty and seemingly protected by her henchmen; Michelle was bragging about how she was running for office again and how she would do things differently this time. Castiel noticed her pass and approached her but a security guard protected Michelle by asking Castiel what he was doing there.

Castiel said he wanted to talk with Michelle and the guard asked what for, and Castiel said "Abuse of power." The guard was confused, and then Castiel told them all to listen, and how he would be a better father than God. However, the Leviathans took advantage of the moment of confusion and took full control of Castiel, causing him to lose his memory. In that instant, the Leviathans attacked all at once, and killed everyone. Michelle thought her beauty would be enough to save her corrupt campaign but she was killed by a Leviathan.