Micheletto Corella is a character in the 2011 Showtime series The Borgias. He is an assassin, military adviser, and bodyguard for Cesare Borgia.

Corella was born in Forli to Isabella Corella and an unnamed father. Corella killed his father, later telling Cesare that he had many reasons for the killing. Corella later left Forli, telling his mother that he was leaving to study to become a doctor.

Some time after his arrival in Rome Corella was hired by Rodrigo Borgia's rival Giuliano della Rovere. At a banquet celebrating Borgia's ascension to the Papacy as Pope Alexander VI at Cardinal Orsini's palace della Rovere has him poison some of the wine in the kitchen, hoping to kill Alexander. Accosted by Cesare he jumps at the chance to become "God's Own Assassin" and at Cesare's orders poisons the Orsini's wine. Drinking the wine, the old respected Cardinal Orsini dies within moments.

Corella soon became a trusted confidant of Cesare, and carried out many killings on his behalf. The one target he was not able to kill however was della Rovere. Once while della Rovere was in hiding, disguising himself as a parish priest, Corella and Cesare bribed an altar boy to poison the wine della Rovere used at Mass. This made della Rovere ill for several days, but did not kill him. Corella killed the altar boy a short time later, drowning him in the village well.

In addition to acting as Cesare's assassin he also acted as a military adviser and as a bodyguard for both Cesare and his siblings.

Unlike Cesare Corella preferred the company of men. While visiting Forli with Cesare he met a man named Augustino, whom he made love to at night in a local graveyard. Later he would meet a man named Pascal in Milan. Pascal followed him back to Rome and moves in with Corella on the condition that Pascal never ask Corella what he does or where he is going. Corella is forced to kill Pascal after discovering that Pascal was an informant of Catherina Sforza. This broke his heart to the point that he took his leave of Cesare.

As last seen Corella came out of the shadows as Cesare was preparing to attack the Sforza stronghold in Forli. Still suffering from a broken heart he was unwilling to return to Cesare's service, but did assist him in pointing out a weakness in Forli's defenses.