Just what am I!?
~ Michel

Michel is the main antagonist in Mermaid Melody Pure. He is also the one who launched a personal vendetta against the Mermaid Princesses after learning their relations with the human world.


Michel is like any other angel. He has very long white to little bit of green hair caught on a short ponytail, he has light blue eyes and big black eyebrows. He wears the ordinary clothes that angels wear. He has grand white angel wings that most of the time have white aura covering them, after he got Seira's heart his wings had lots of orange pearls on them.

Powers and Abilities

His attacks in the manga and anime are fairly different from each other. The only power he has in both the manga and the anime is absorbing entities within his wings. This attack is, in the anime, seen successful only twice, while absorbing Seira and while absorbing the Black Beauty Sisters. In the anime he absorbed Michal without having to take her into his wings. In the manga he, as addition to absorbing people into his wings, can 'eat' everyone within his wings resulting into 'eating' the Black Beauty Sisters. He did, however, get their memories of the Mermaid Princesses and their human forms.


He is often seen with his flute, and in the manga he plays it multiple times, resulting in his victims to fall in a trance. He is able to limbed words into his flute play and used it to try and manipulate Lucia. He can transform his flute into a whip or a bow. The whip spawns multiple ropes and can therefore be used to take out multiple targets at once. The whip is his preferred weapon but he is seen being very skilled with his bow. In the anime, however, he is seen playing his flute only once, playing Mikaru's theme song, and did never use it as a weapon.

Final battle

In the final battle he summons many fairy-like small minions with a purple body and red eyes. They can knock out the Mermaid Princesses in a few hits, but are taken out easily when Rihito fires the rod of Panthalassa. In the manga he summons six crosses which chain the Mermaid Princesses.