Are you thinking what I am thinking? I think you are!
~ Michael

Michael the Terrible Boyfriend is the main character from the Youtube video Michael The Terrible Boyfriend: "A Slice of the Action", animated by Harry Partridge. Although being a protagonist, he is evil and sadistic and doesn't hesitate to show it, considering him to be a villain.



Michael decides to go out with his girlfriend Suzie. However, when he comes to her house, he discovers she is upstairs in her room while her parents who don't like him very much are downstairs, and there is no way to get Suzie's attention without them catching him. Michael suddenly notices a pizza delivery guy next door. His van is left alone near to Michael and its rear door is open, showing plenty of delivery uniforms and boxes of pizza. Michael quickly makes an obvious plan.

Meanwhile, Suzie is studying in her room when suddenly a giant pterodactyl rushes in through the window, injuring her with pieces of glass. There is Michael sitting on the dinosaur's back. He watches his pterodactyl eating Suzie alive while she is screaming in horror, and he smiles wildly and sadistically.