Detective Michael Wuertz was a corrupt Gotham City police officer in The Dark Knight. He, along with Anna Ramirez, was corrupted and turned Harvey Dent in to the Joker's men. He was a member of the Major Crimes Unit.


Before joining MCU, Wuertz had a history of corruption and was investigated by the then-Internal Affairs officer Harvey Dent. When Dent is promoted to district attorney, he keeps an eye on Wuertz, intent on bringing him down.

Newly-promoted Police Commissioner Jim Gordon orders Wuertz to find and protect Dent when the Joker names him as a target. Wuertz, on mob boss Sal Maroni's orders, brings the Joker and his thugs into Dent's fundraiser, under the guise of being forced to bring them at gunpoint.

Wuertz drives Dent home after Batman and Gordon rescue the district attorney from the Joker. Minutes later, however, Wuertz kidnaps Dent on Maroni's orders, and brings him to a warehouse where Dent is later disfigured, while his girlfriend, Rachel Dawes, is killed. When the Joker manipulates Dent into getting even with the people he blames for Rachel's death, Dent puts Wuertz on his revenge list.

Dent, now calling himself "Two-Face", visits a bar where Wuertz is drinking. Frightened, Wuertz claims that he didn't know what would happen to Rachel; Two-Face calmly replies, "That's funny, because I don't know what's going to happen to you, either." Two-Face then flips his trademark coin to decide Wuertz's fate. It lands on the scarred side, and Two-Face shoots Wuertz dead.


Considering his little screen-time, very little is known about Michael Wurtz's personality and motives. He seems very unenthusiastic about his job, distant and cold. He does not care much about arresting the Joker or the mobsters; in fact, Wurtz is greedy, manipulative and shows no empathy towards towards anyone. An expert liar, he successfully gained the confidence of Harvey before abducting and solding him to the Joker's thugs in order to make money and when Two-Face later confront him, Wurtz does not recant any of his actions. Despite his desperate and pathetic pleas, he doesn't convince Two-Face from sparring him, and receive his deserved outcome.

Behind the scenes

Michael Wuertz was portrayed by actor Ron Dean.


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