Michael Vreeland

Michael Vreeland was a plant creature created by Poison Ivy and an antagonist in The New Batman Adventures. He was the fourth husband of Veronica Vreeland.


At one point, Veronica met Michael and after a short time dating, were married in the Vreeland estate. Veronica believes that Michael will be her one true husband. She introduced Michael's friend Susan Maguire to Bruce Wayne at the reception. Weeks after their marriage, Veronica realizes that Michael is plant creature when she sees leaves sprouting from his chest. She fled to her vault protected by lasers and called Bruce for help who was in the middle of his wedding reception with Susan. Veronica was render unconscious when she sees Michael healing his wounds from the laser security system.

Bruce quickly arrived to see her mansion on fire and Veronica still inside. He rescues Veronica and brought her to a hospital. Michael found Bruce at the hospital and claimed he was on a business meeting when the fire occured and was unaware of that or Veronica's phone message. Bruce tells Michael that Veronica will regain consciousness in a few hours, and until then, hired some security guards to keep her safe. Bruce left to return to his honeymoon and had Batgirl to spy on Michael. Batgirl and Robin followed Michael to a greenhouse where he reveals to Poison Ivy that Veronica knows his secret. Poison Ivy ripped out Michael's outer skin, revealing his true form after she decided that his disguise was no longer useful. Batgirl and Robin found a plant disintegrating spray in the greenhouse after Poison Ivy and Michael. Poison Ivy decided to speed up her plan which involves attacking a yacht cruise for newlyweds that Bruce and Susan are attending. Poison Ivy attack the yacht and revealed to the passengers that Michael, Susan and the newly wed spouses of other people were plant creatures with phenomenes to make socialites fall in love with them so they could gain their wealths after their deaths on the cruise. Michael was destroyed when he was sprayed with the plant disintegrating spray by Robin.