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Michael Vick is one of the antagonists in Madden NFL Video Games.

He's athletic like all of his teams, when he sack the player he's a little brutal a real brute, because he will not let him win the game, he's the falcons quaterback, who want to win the match before the player team, he do not want him to win the match before his team, he run face like every athletic footballers does. He also good to sacking the other players from the team, so when the match is over and one of the team win he congrats them. But like others, quaterback and teams, he's considered like the main antagonist of the game, because of his antagonistic way during the match, is not easy to catch him when he run on the field for winning the game before the player. He's a very good villains from Madden NFL like every villains, he's considered like the most dangerous of the team. In 2015 he switch team for play with the jets, and seem to be again the antagonist and most dangerous player.