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Three-o-clock. Friday. I will destroy you!
~ Michael Pulaski swearing to kill Meg.

Michael "Mental Mike" Pulaski is a character in Family Guy and the main antagonist in "A Fistful of Meg". He is the psychopathic new kid at James Woods Regional High School.

History Edit

When Meg Griffin accidentally spills her lunch and some of it lands on Michael, he threatens to end her life at 3:00pm by the end of the week, leaving Meg desperately trying to avoid him.

Finally, Meg pays the four toughest students in school to beat up Mike for $1,000 only for Mike to kill them all and write that Meg is next on the hallway wall in their blood. Meg goes crying to the bathroom where her friends decide to abandon her for their own safety. While crying, Quagmire calls her into one of the stalls that serve as his "base of operations" and admits to Meg that he had been bullied as a kid over preferring RC Cola during the Cola Wars. After getting help from Quagmire who advises her to use her body's natural grossness to her advantage, she takes a beating from Mike before kissing him and popping a pimple in his face, and finally melting him into a pile of goo by showing him her breasts.


  • Pulaski shares several similarities with Jeffery Fecalman from the "Screams of Silence: The History of Brenda Q":
    • Both are willing to hit a woman and kill anyone.
    • Their actions are flatly serious and never played for laughs.
    • Their deaths were caused by Quagmire.
    • They even somewhat look alike.
  • Despite their similarities, they are also different:
    • Unlike Brenda with Jeff, Meg actually fought back and defeated Michael.
    • Michael could be slightly funnier than Jeff since when he punched Meg, her face morphs from ugly to pretty and vice versa, he dies by melting into a pile of goo when Meg shows him her breasts, and he makes Neil Goldman into a balloon and pops him.
  • He is also similar and has probably inspiration of Jim from Edward Scissorhands.
  • He could also be similar to Michael Myers from the Halloween series. Both are named Michael and they are psychopathic brutes who have no problem killing other people. The only difference is that Michael Myers is immortal unlike Michael Pulaski.
  • It has never been explained why someone as dangerous as Mike was allowed to freely roam a normal public high school without being supervised or monitored in case he acted severely out of order as that would be a high risk of public endangerment.
  • He is a hypocrite because he claims Meg as serious problems, even though he picked a fight with her for a simple lunch tray accident.


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