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Michael Lee is a major character in Season 4 and Season 5 of The Wire. He gets involved in the drug trade by working as a drug runner for Bodie Broadus. Later, he works as an enforcer for Marlo Stanfield. Eventually, Marlo orders Michael's death because of the possibility of Michael becoming an informant. Michael realizes this and kills Marlo's enforcer Snoop Pearson. After defecting from the Stanfield organization, he becomes a stick-up man.

Season 4

Michael Lee is currently friends with Namond Brice, Randy Wagstaff, and Duquan "Dukie" Weems, and they attend the same middle school. Michael often has a conflict with Namond due to Namond's superior attitude and his habit of mouthing people off. In the beginning, Monk offers Michael and his friends $200 each. Michael turns down the offer, which impresses Marlo Stanfield. This results in Michael having to borrow money from Bodie Broadus for school clothes, which he has to pay off by working as a drug runner in Bodie's crew.

Michael is later seen helping his friends get revenge on Officer Walker, a corrupt police officer. Michael holds the police officer at gunpoint, takes the ring that Officer Walker took from Omar Little, and pours point on the officer's head.

Later, when Randy is labeled as a "snitch" after informing the police about Little Kevin's involvement with Lex's murder, Michael is seen defending Randy. This further impresses Marlo Stanfield, who attempts to recruit Michael into the Stanfield organization.

Michael accompanies Namond while Namond is attempting to retrieve a package that Kenard stole from him. Kenard insults Namond by calling him a gump. Michael, who lost his patience, beats Kenard into a pulp, and they leave. Later, when Namond uses that same insult against Dukie, Michael beats Namond, which ultimately leads to a conflict between Cutty and Michael. Michael eventually leaves Cutty's gym and joins the Stanfield Organization.

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