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Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin is the main antagonist of Hollow Man 2.

He was portrayed by Christian Slater.

He was a highly skilled soldier who volunteered for a secret operation funded by a Department of Defense program called "SIlent Knight", in which he would be injected an invisible serum to create an undetectable perfect soldier. The serum would allow light go through his skin, technically making it invisible; but, if not injected a buffer, he would die by radiation not before experiencing physical and mental degradation.

It turns out the program was actually a secret plan by the Reissner Institute to get by the code of human invisibility and turn Michael into a killing machine that would get rid of their political adversaries. His first victims were employed by the Institute and their deaths were cleverly disguised as accidents but later he went out of control. even the Institute's control, and became a spree-killer with a desire for revenge, an invisible assassin fighting his own war.


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