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Michael Gideon also know as Gideon or G is a major antagonist in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

Milcheal Gideon is a 34 year old man that has blue hair and wears a military Jacket with brown boots and glasses.


Michael Gideon is shown to kill people for petty reasons and never keep his promise. Michael is also a power hungry, sadistic person and narcissistic individual.


Before the events of the game Michael was fired from his job for unknown reasons and is known to hate the chancellor's ideology which lead him to work for C. His current job is to kill the chancellor which he will stop at nothing to achieve. In chapter one he sends his men off to steal and break some market stalls with ended up starting a fight after the main characters found his men in the forest and beat them. Michael Gideon sent a brainwashed ape monster to kill them and on top of that he left his men for dead.

In chapter 3 Michael tries to aid in the effort to start a war between two countries by attacking with a cannon that can destroy an entire country which ended up killing some people and all most got a 13 year old girl arrested. After trying to kill the main characters he use a flute to summon a monster and left them to get eaten by it leaving his own men behind so that they can get eaten to.

In chapter 4 Michael almost floods a city with over 80,000 people and set monsters on the same city at the same time he tell's a brainwashws monster to strip the main characters to the point that their are nothing but bones. Gideon then kidnaps the princess and Rean little sister and drugs them. When it looks like he gives up he summons a monster from the dead and then tries to kill the princess even though his boss needs her alive he only stops when his boss threatens to kill him.

Michael is seemingly killed off screen in chapter 5 but their are some hints that he might still be alive.