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Michael Gideon also know as Gideon or G is a major Antagonist in Legend of the heroes trails of cold steel.

before the edvents of the game he was fired from his job for doing thing he was not supposed to do and the fact that he hates the chancellor's ideology he choose to work for C with was also trying to kill the chancellor

as well but for disfert reasons. In chapter one he send his men off to steel and break some market stalls with ended up starting a fight he later left his men for death.

in chapter 3 he trys to start a war between two contry's by attacking their them with ened up killing some people and all most got a 13 year old girl to be arrested. after trying to kill the main characters he use a flute to summon a monster and left them to get eaten by it with his own men.

in chapter 4 Gideon almost flood a city with over 80,0000 people and set monster on the same city at the same time he tell's to brainwash monster to strip the main characters to the point that their are nothing but bones. Gideon then kidnaps the princess and Rean little sister and drugs them and when it looks like he gives up he summons a monster from the dead and then trys to kill the princess.

he is then killed off screen in chapter 5 but their are some hints that he might still be alive