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Miang Hawwa is the true main antagonist in the 1998 video game Xenogears.


She is an ancient being who first appears as Ramsus' assistant before revealing her true colors as an agent of Deus.

Miang is Eve, also known as the first woman in the world whose soul resides within every woman. After dying, Miang has the ability to reawaken in a new host body and has thus has had several incarnations since the beginning of time. Miang's primary goal is to prepare humanity for harvest by Deus and is the mastermind behind the conspiracy that has caused countless wars for thousands of years.

After betraying Ramsus, Miang manages to resurrect Deus but dies after Ramsus stabs her with his sword. However, Miang reincarnates within Elly shortly afterwards and with the help of Deus causes the genocide of almost all humanity.


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