Mia Gaudot, was a influenctial and powerful Royal, who traveled to Portland from Europe, under the pretence of seeing her old lover Sean Renard. But really went there to organise the death of Monroe.

She is played by Alice Evans, who also plays Esther in The Vampire Diaries.


Mia had known Sean in the past, they had had a romantic relationship in Vienna, it apparantly ended on bad terms, as she feared Sean may still be angry at her. She had also apparantly been in negotiations with the Japanese royal family, who were in charge of the dragons tongue organisation.

As Nick and Monroe's relationship was defying the status quo, she hired Arbok and two skalengeck to assassinate Monroe. While she pretended to be there to visit Sean. The two seemingly rekindled there relationship, however Sean was still suspicious of her motives. She eventually went to join Arbok to pay them, for Monroe's death, however she was tricked as the Wesen who had to kill Monroe (on the account of killing the Skalengeck) was his old lover, and she, conspired with Nick to stop this event. In the cross fire, Mia fled, and tried to escape on her plane, only to be caught by Sean, when asked if he was going to kill her, he replied he might, and demanded that she tell him the truth about why she was in Portland. Wither or not he killed her was unrevealed.