They're all scary and angry and they like to smash things...
~ Bungie

Mgalekgolo, also known as Hunters, are a unique gestalt of smaller creatures known as Lekgolo, which are orange worm-like creatures. When grouped together to form one Hunter, Lekgolos exponentially increased their intelligence, strength and maneuverability. They wielded Assault Cannons to shoot enemies from long range and shields for defense. Although they appear to have no visible rank, Golden Hunters appear in Halo 3: ODST and may be high in the Covenant hierarchy as they can command several Covenant races. In combat, they usually come in pairs.


The Lekgolo's homeworld was invaded by the Covenant Empire shortly after they discovered it. Though they were able to push back the Covenant forces, the Mgalekgolo surrendered when the Covenant threatened to glass their planet, being forcibly recruited into the Covenant.

Later, during the Covenant Civil War between the Loyalists and Separatists, many Hunters defected and allied with the UNSC to oppose the Covenant. However, some Hunters still stayed members of the Covenant, fearing the Covenant would glass their homeworld.

List of AppearencesEdit

Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

Hunters are seen throughout the campaign a few times.

Bullets and plasma balls will bounce off the Hunter's shield.

Halo 2Edit

  • Outskirts: When the waves are taken out, the gates will be smashed by two Hunters, who will fight the player.
  • Regret: When the first part's enemies are eliminated, Hunters will be deployed from a Covenant Phantom. Later, they are seen in one of the temples.
  • Gravemind: Throughout the mission, Hunters are seen.

Halo 3Edit

  • The Storm: Before going outside where the Brute Chieftain is, two Hunters will burst through the doors to fight the player.
  • The Ark: When the player recieves the Scorpions, two Hunters will come out the cave to fight the player but can be easily killed because of the tanks.
  • The Covenant: In the final tower, Hunters alongside Drones will be in the lower levels of the tower.

Halo WarsEdit

Hunters appear occasionally in the campaign. In Skirmish, the player can control pairs of Hunters. Gameplay-wise, they are meant to destroy enemy vehicles.

This being an RTS - not an FPS - one does not need to shoot a Hunter in the "belly" to kill it. In Halo Wars gameplay, they lose health just by getting hit.

The Hunter's cannon can be upgraded to fire a beam.

The Hunter's shield can deflect enemy fire - such as a cannon blast.

Halo 3: O.D.S.T.Edit

Sometimes, the player as the Rookie will fight Hunters at night.

The player as Edward Buck will encounter Hunters.

Hunters are one of the enemies in Firefight.

Halo: ReachEdit

  • Nightfall: Hunters will be fought in the mission.
  • Tip of the Spear: Alongside Drones, Hunters will come out of the last Covenant Anti-Air cannon.
  • New Alaxandria: Hunters will be seen guarding the target in the Disco.
  • Pillar of Autumn: At one point, two Hunters will be seen leading a group of Skirmishers against the player.
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