Meteortron is the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange episode of the same name.


At first he seemed like a meteor with a laser gun and a buzz saw.

His true form is revealed to be a grey and blue robot.

Meteortron (episode)

The episode starts in outer space when a meteor which is Meteortron destroys a star that says "I'm a star, a great big shining star, yay!". When Meteortron arrives on Earth, he lands on and kills a croissant that Orange annoys. When everyone is talking he says "silence" and fires a laser at Mr. Spell & Speak when he tries to spell it out. Meteortron introduces himself and tells everyone that he's from an alien race of shapeshifting robots called "Frotobots" and that his race will crush the other shapeshifting race called the "Opticons". Meteortron asks them where he can find the Relic. He tells them that the Relic is device with unspeakable power. When they say that they do not know where the Relic is he gets a buzz saw out. When orange gets scared he tells, shows Meteortron the Relic but it says relish instead. Before Meteortron can saw the Relic, Spell & Speak stops him which is revealed that he's an Opticon. Meteortron shapeshifts into his true robot/alien form and the Frotobot and Opticon fight. After a fight, the 2 robots get destroyed. After the 2 robots get destroyed, the Relish reveals himself as the Relic and he gets crushed by a hot dog.