Meteormon is a minor characters in Digimon Data Squad. He's Gotsumon's alter-ego.


Meteormon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that looks like Icemon and Gotsumon. The only difference is that his skin color is greenish white.

Digimon Data Squad

When DATS returns to the Digital World to settle Merukimon, they encounter his right-hand Digimon Gotsumon and another Digimon, Zudomon. After they defeated quickly Zudomon, they challenged Gotsumon. They thought that they were going to win since he was a rookie class, but he Digivolved into his alter-ego, Meteormon. They had trouble defeating Meteormon because he was do fast and tough to beat. Meteormon was about to win, but Thomas came up a strategy and RizeGreymon caught Meteromon off guard and tossed him in the air while Lilamon subdued him. Meteormon was finally destroyed by RizeGreymon's Rising Destroyer attack.

After his defeat, he was revived and lost his memory as Gotsumon.


  • Galactic Flare
  • Falling Star
  • Big Bang Blow