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Scribe of God (Formally)
Skills and Abilities
Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Possession, Teleportation
Throw all angels out of Heaven, led the angels back to Heaven
Villain Type
Seeker of Vengeance, Jerks, Successful Villains, Outcasts, Charismatic Villains

Metatron is a character appearing in the CW television series Supernatural, played by Curtis Armstrong. He was one of the secondary antagonists of Season 8, and is the main antagonist of Season 9.

Season 7

Metatron was first mentioned in the episode "Reading Is Fundamental," where he was referred to as the "Scribe of God" and credited with writing the Word of God, a collection of stone tablets detailing information about God's creations; one of these tablets told of the Leviathans and how to defeat them if they were ever freed from Purgatory.

Season 8

In "A Little Slice of Kevin," Metatron is revealed to have left Heaven. It is also discovered that he had created a "compendium" of tablets, piquing Crowley's interest.

In "The Great Escapist," Sam and Dean Winchester track down Metatron, who has been hiding with an Indian tribe for thousands of years ever since he left Heaven. Metatron is initially oblivious to the Apocalypse, the deaths/imprisonment of the Archangels, the civil war in Heaven, or even who Sam and Dean are, but after being filled in, he agrees to help the Winchesters and rescues Kevin Tran, a Prophet who is being held captive by Crowley. At the end of the episode, Metatron reveals the third and final trial to close Hell: Cure a demon.

In "Clip Show," Metatron makes contact with Castiel and proposes a plan to close Heaven, trapping all the angels, including themselves, inside to try and quell the constant fighting that has been going on up there. He reveals to Castiel that it is possible, but to do so, they will have to complete three trials and he needs Castiel as he is too weak to do it himself. The first trial is to murder a Nephilim. Castiel, however, is unwilling because the Nephilim in question, Jane (a waitress at the restaurant the two angels are conversing at) appears to be innocent. However, Jane later shows her true nature when she fights back against Castiel and Metatron while they are following her, but she is defeated and killed by Castiel, finishing the first trial.

In the season finale "Sacrifice," Metatron and Castiel try to complete the second trial to close Heaven (find a Cupid's bow). However, they are ambushed by Naomi, who kidnaps Metatron. Following Naomi's torture, Metatron mocks her, asking her if they thought he would let them kick him out of Paradise and get away with it. By the episode's end, Metatron reveals his true colors, murdering Naomi and later holding Castiel at knife-point with an angel blade. He reveals that the trials to close Heaven aren't trials but a spell to expel all angels from Heaven. Metatron then steals Castiel's grace, making him human, and sends him back to Earth before completing the spell, causing every angel to fall to Earth.

Season 9

Metatron returns in "Holy Terror," where he meets up with Gadreel, the angel possessing Sam and posing as Ezekiel. He reveals it was he who had freed Gadreel, as the angel-banishing spell had freed the disgraced angel from Heaven's cells. Metatron also reveals he was getting lonely upstairs and had decided to try a new plan where he would let a select number of angels back up, claiming it would make the Heaven God intended, although he planned to take over as leader. He played on Gadreel's guilt of his own crimes and convinced him that he would be safe; the angel agreed to join Metatron, but Metatron revealed that Gadreel first had to prove his loyalty and forced him to murder Kevin as well as steal the angel and demon tablets from the Winchesters.

Later, in "Road Trip," Metatron sends Gadreel after Thaddeus, another angel who happened to be Gadreel's old jailer and torturer. Gadreel killed Thaddeus and returned to Metatron, handing over the tablets he had stolen and telling Metatron that Kevin was dead. Metatron reveals he had fixed it upstairs so there would be no more Prophets, but reprehends Gadreel on learning that he had left Dean alive. As another test of loyalty, he sent Gadreel to kill one more angel, not telling him the angel in question was Abner, his best friend. Gadreel questions Metatron about how many he has to kill, but Metatron tells him it is not his place to ask, and either do it or not do it and continue being a failure. Later, Metatron waits for Gadreel to arrive, only for Gadreel to arrive (after being expelled from Sam's body by Sam himself) and possess his original vessel, the bartender. Metatron then guesses Gadreel had "Winchester trouble."

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