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Metatron is a villain in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. He is a giant angel that acts as God's messenger.

In Devil Survivor

In this game, Metatron is one of the main antagonists. He and the angels were the ones that started the lockdown and planned to obliterate the demons by any means necessary; by using the final option to destroy everyone in the lockdown.

On Naoya's 8th day, Metatron persuaded the desperate citizens to kill the overlord in order for the lockdown to be lifted. Naoya easily suspected that Metatron would not meet the end of their bargain, but the citizens were not convinced. If the player chose not to kill people, everyone else would retaliate against the angels; but if the player chose to kill people, no one else but the group would know about Metatron's scheme. After the final battle, Metatron summoned the four archangels to stop Hero and the others, but Hero emerged victorious, causing Metatron to retreat and Hero to initiate the war against God.

On Yuzu's 8th day, Metatron appeared after Hero and the others defended Naoya against the angels. He told them that God decided to give up on humanity after the chaos from earlier. Asturo was shocked, but Naoya was pleased that the world was left to the hands of mankind itself.


  • Metatron is a prominent figure appearing in many Megami Tensei games usually revolving around his allegiance to Law and YHVH. He is portrayed as firm and lawful, if not ruthless and unforgiving, especially when it comes to matters that concern demons, whom he harbors a deep hatred for.
  • Throughout the Megami Tensei series, his design has never changed much and is often one of the stronger combat assets that the player can summon.
  • In most of his appearances as a playable demon, Metatron often nullifies or repels multiple elements, and will only need to inherit a few skills to be able to resist all elements excluding Almighty.

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